So, I found this oddly soothing to play ...

An endless driving game: No obstacles, no score, no fatal crashing

You just ... cruise along, zenning out

Item 3 in my Linkfest for this week:

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@clive Seems like it would be good to work out to.

I’m playing Power Wash Simulator which is super relaxing to me (I play with the game muted and music playing). Scratches an OCD itch for me for sure.

@caryl I have always meant to try Power Wash Simulator -- it really seems super soothing

Though I should probably try "Mountain" finally too

@clive David’s stuff is amazing. Try his game Everything sometime. His games are more like interactive art to me.

@clive I feel like this would be the ultimate "before bed" activity, since driving basically puts me to sleep most of the time anyway.

@jferg heh, yes!

It would be cool to put on a podcast and listen to it like radio while you drive along in the evening

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