Hey Mastodon folks

You may not be aware but there is a thriving community of people sharing photos of MOSS

Like, several times a day man, it's great

They have a hashtag:

moss moss moss moss MOSS

@clive I never in my life thought I'd become a moss stan, but here we are. #Mosstodon

@clive and check out #ThickTrunkTuesday - after years of being jaded by Twitter I assumed it was something awful, but no - just super wholesome trees!


lol yeah that hashtag has SEVERAL possible ALTERNATE MEANINGS

But that is wonderful! Will check it out, thank you

@clive Bryologists united! They (the plants) can be important indicators of ecosystem health. Glad they’ve found a home on Mastodon.


I am thrilled because I grew up doing 10 years in the boy scouts and camping a lot in northern ontario

I used to find moss the coolest thing, was always down staring at it

@clive a single typo and *BAM* you're in this completely unknown parallel universe 👀

When you wrote MOSS all caps, I wondered what it stood for, but no, the moss plant. I will also accept pictures of Richard Ayoade.

Sounds like the kind of thing that would grow on you #TryTheVeal

@blongden @thomasfuchs

yeah given the high concentration of scientists on Mastodon there's some sort of rule 34 in effect here

@clive First two hits were Kate. Not unwanted, as such. But I suspect mischief.

@clive I had a lovely moss terrarium for awhile, and there's tons of great moss in the woods behind my house. Just waiting for my knee to heal up a bit more so I can contribute. It's a great hashtag.

@clive Thanks for the idea. Next time I come up with a tasteless joke, I'll use that!


A hashtag for the wildest lifeform of which we mere humans are aware?


@clive I definitely thought this was an IT Crowd reference 😂​

Pleasantly surprised to find it is ACTUAL moss, like growing on trees, rocks, etc.


I think it'd be cool to slip in photos of Moss too

People have already put in pix of kate moss

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