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For anyone in NYC who’s into engineering, typography, and printing, there’s a gigantic Linotype machine at the Museum of the City of New York right now in the Analog City exhibit. Very cool to see in person.

There’s also an insane video of how they used to make “hot type” printing plates for the New York Times. Mind blowing to watch, even if you’re already familiar with the process from reading about it.

#Linotype #HotType #Typography #MCNY

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Some quick notes on how we might build some of the essential infrastructure and governance processes that will be needed if #Mastodon is really going to be sustainable and viable as a mass-adoption social network (1/n):

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Fun fact: Before "Stay woke" was a thing, the term that was used in the 19th century was "Keep your top eye open."


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#introduction post. Here I am, yet another Black woman coming from a different instance because the #Fediverse is the wild racist west of the internet. I'm not sure if I'll stay on this platform, but before I just packed up and left town I thought it would be worthwhile to share some of what I've noticed ... because after a few weeks on a different instance, I'm not sure #Mastodon is a safe place to be me.

#BlackMastodon #BlackFediverse #BlackFedi #BlackTwitter

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Call for #photojournalists.

We launched into beta running a Pixelfed community server.

I could sure use 10-20 people posting some photojournalism for testing. please.

This is a federated and centralized IG alternative.



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meta, racism: Rant on whiteness on the Fediverse (long) 

(Reposting as my own thread because as someone said, "my rants do not belong to somebody else's threads." Good piece of advice, so here I am.)

Recently I stumbled upon white folks complaining about Black people who post with "white people please do not reply", and calling it reverse racism or "discrimination both ways" (if you're reading this please don't take it personally, I just had to repost; also, trust me on this, you don't want to be in the replies here).

So to all white people who feel identified or attacked because of this: Get ready for a long lesson on white obliviousness and casual racism. We all can learn from this and become better persons.

One important thing to notice is that Black people in here are frequently harassed or reply-spammed by racist or clueless white people. One can call themselves not racist and yet engage in casual racist behavior.

That call for "white people do not reply" is a plea to stop shouting and to listen and pay attention.

Some white people in here may have good intentions when replying to BIPOC folks, but when mixed with an ignorance of the situation, it only revictimizes the oppressed.

Since was made aware of the casual racism on here, I've decided to start following more Black folks, and trust me on this, the amount of vitriol and harassment they get is unbelievable. 😰

A white person who has never been harassed online will have a hard time understanding; not just nazis harassing and attacking, but mix that with the failure of mods to act in time, white guys (most of the time it's men for some reason) replying with minor but somehow very important corrections, tone policing, CW policing [1], and mansplaining ("did you know there's something called a block button?") that make it IMPOSSIBLE for a Black person to simply post a small venting comment about all the racism in here without getting piled on by a horde of white reply-guys.

Currently there is a very productive discussion going on, and the most valuable input I've seen is by Black folks; white people who keep replying only make things worse by adding noise and invalidating BIPOC people's experiences.

In fact, I would add: If you see a "white people do not reply" post, that is a post that you need to read and pay attention to, not mute. Reread the replies by BIPOC folks, listen to their experiences and let yourself empathize and live what they've lived if only by using your imagination.

Again, nothing personal against you folks, but there is a lot of ingrained racism in our culture, mixed with misunderstandings and obliviousness that we need to get rid of.

It's not just about race; it's about a system of injustice that keeps preventing BIPOC people from having access to fair opportunities.

White people here (and I'll include myself because I'm considered light-skinned where I live, and come from a racially privileged home) have very little idea not just about racist slurs being thrown around, but about racism in the workplace, in government institutions, in school, in employment opportunities, in rent prices, it's a systemic problem. Racism and classism are often intertwined, and Black folks have to bear the worst of it all.

Without taking all of those factors into account, a seemingly innocent comment such as "anyone can set up their own Mastodon server" (which I saw the other day) is revealed as completely ignorant of Black people's struggles. White people who live in their parents' homes 🏡👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 (and not rented, but actually paid in full) will never, EVER understand how hard it is for Black folks to not only set up their own server, but spending valuable time of their lives moderating - starting with not having money saved even for medical emergencies because everything goes down the rent-drain. 💸

(So let's correct that statement, shall we? "Any single white man living in their own house with a college education, a well-paid job and little debt can easily set up their own mastodon server." That's MUCH better, don't you think?)

Racism is a system of oppression, and sadly Mastodon is filled with white people who come from a very sheltered, privileged background. I had to lose my own home and savings to realize most of white people have ZERO clue about poverty, much less discrimination, redlining, racist policies, etc.

We need to recognize the fact that Mastodon is a majorly-white space that reacts swiftly and brutally against Black people when they even suggest that someone in here MIGHT be racist. The CW thing is seen as a foreign, white fragility thing by Black people, who often have to live the worst of racism in real life every single day of their lives and they don't get the luxury of being content-warned about that.

Yes, Black folks come here with another culture, with other values and see any CW-related content as yet another attempt by whites to shut them up and "tell them to know their place". Just to mention an example.

In short:

  • BIPOC people need to get listened to.
  • BIPOC people need not to be attacked online or offline.
  • BIPOC people need more representation in here.
  • BIPOC people need not to be perfect examples of patient, peaceful martyrdom to get a voice on how things need to change.

And on the other side:

  • White people need to shut up and listen for once
  • White people need to learn to respect boundaries
  • White people need to put themselves in others' shoes.

That is how we'll get to an understanding.

Thank you.


[1] Reminder that CWs were instituted here for, not against marginalized communities - so Black folks can post about racism without CWs and white people who feel uncomfortable about that should reflect on how pampered they've been.

#racism #Meta #onHere

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Here's David Carroll @profcarroll on Content Warnings (CW) at Mastodon.

"Another way I like to think about this feature is as Consent Widgets, where instead of trying to trigger people on their timelines and getting rewarded for that, you erect some friction akin to a subject line, creating a layer of inferred consent in the timeline experience. A Consent Widget asks, would you consent to opening up my post about an intense topic?"


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I still get shocked surprise when I tell people that H G Wells wrote War of the Worlds after learning about the genocide inflicted by British colonists on the Aboriginal Tasmanians. It's right there in the foreword of the book.

#HGWells #WarOfTheWorlds #Indigenous #FirstNations #Aboriginal #lutruwita

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Another thing I learned on the Reveal podcast about Amazon warehouse injuries is that injuries are actually highest at those warehouses where humans work alongside robots, since robots push the workers beyond their capabilities. I thought that was interesting since I’ve heard a lot of talk about “co-bots” on the supply chain (robots that work alongside humans).

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Just blocking people who are interrupting these important threads with things such as "source code is public", "just switch instances", "provide proof of racism/harassment", etc. Y'all are just speed bumps in the way of progress!

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Folks I reference and appreciate in this new article about becoming a #MastoAdmin during the #TwitterMigration include: @estebanmoro @Gargron @mastohost @cwebber @mike @hugh @tchambers @blaine @shengokai @jon @futzle @nova
And of course my generous instance members! Thanks for reading and sharing. Engagement here on the #fediverse is way better than on the #birdsite!

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Aren't people getting the wrong impression of Mastodon? Decentralization is not meant to solve all the problems — it just gives you more of a fighting chance. You still have to fight.

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I've seen plenty of discussions in recent days over the network structure of Mastodon and whether it can remain decentralized as large commercial players begin taking an interest in the fediverse. I am neither an engineer nor an economist, but I do research the way media and information get distributed and I have some thoughts on this. A thread…

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Oh, tomorrow is #SmallBusinessSaturday.

Did I forget to mention that I'm a small business.

I run a managed IT service for content creators, focusing mostly on PoC.

Lately, I've been running hosting for a few small companies.

Keep in mind that not only am I hosting my own #Mastodon instance, but I run my own #MailServer, I've deployed #Forums, and do few other projects and am open to others.

#Linux #SmallBusiness #BlackOwnedBusiness #IT #hosting #BlackMastodon

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The Whiteness of Mastodon (worth the read) 

This is a fascinating read…and worth the time to explore. It covers a lot I had not considered or even knew being a latecomer. #TwitterMigration #Mastodon #Whiteness #BlackTwitter #harassment

The Whiteness of Mastodon

“Being queer does not insulate one cell from the inheritance of whiteness, although one can use one’s queerness as a shield from critique, as many Mastodonians have used by presenting the history of Mastodon as grounded in queer folks attempts to avoid the harassment on Twitter….

…Mastodon..will never be able to support a robust community of color like Black Twitter.

It might do so by virtue of creating, say, a Black instance. But that …risks ghettoizing the Black community in a federated space. All of the Black people go here and instances have the option of engaging with them or deeding from them…

You need to think about the very real dangers of a federated structure in a society organized around white supremacy. You could easily have an entire instance of right-wing white supremacists pop up that would engage in targeted harassment of users of color.”

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My journey, at least a small part of of it. #documentary #short #Kingsley abt @nyuniversity @nyualumni & @NYUSilver & @NYUSilverAlumni @kingsley_a_rowe's insights on #gunviolence, #incarceration & the role of education in prison reform & reentry. #blackmastodon #BlackTwitter #blacklivesmatter #BlackFriday Push play. 🤔.👉🏾 #mastodon

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Please understand that some of us are both optimistic and see wonderful potential here *and* don't want the same or similar mistakes to be made again.

There's so much experience to be drawn on, and it feels like excitement and optimism in technical protocols is pushing aside lessons. Everyone wants a better social network. There are real concerns.

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It seems (Japan) and are good servers for Japanese and Chinese language users, respectively. :BlobhajReach: #Histodon #academics

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@evan @markallerton @ks

The analogy that several Black users have said, is "Mastodon is the digital equivalent of fleeing 'regular' racism in the deep South, just to experience 'racism doesn't happen here!' racism in Boston." 🙂🙃

Mastodon has more cultural norms around not talking about racist abuse, than around preventing it from happening. I don't know how to convince y'all that this is bad.

So yeah, this creates an opening for centralizers.

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