@mccoyspace @irwin

yep, that piece is great, and that comparison with gardening/food is excellent!

One interesting side-effect is that the energy profile of the fediverse is likely far worse than that of a highly centralized system

The mammoth server farms of big tech have actually been getting more and more efficient every year ...

Tons of distributed instances can't get those scaled efficiencies

Not a showstopper, but just occurred to me reading that

@clive @mccoyspace Efficiency or total power consumption?

Yeah I wonder how big the Fediverse actually gets, if it can serve the same number of people that Big Tech was on pace to.

@clive @irwin no question that centralized services are the most energy efficient in the context of energy per “delivered unit of compute” — assuming a status quo. And that’s a big assumption. Redundancy is expensive, but valuable when you need it.

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