@irwin Top comment: "This is really cool! I can't wait to defederate from tumblr!" 😂 hey, whatever you wanna do, He-Man, the fediverse power is yours


The reply to this comment brings up some interesting hurdles, technical and cultural that will be interesting to see how they're resolved


@binarytango @irwin The culture will change. Also, I wonder if Tumblr will make ActivityPub handles based upon Tumblr (say @ handle @ Tumblr.com) or upon a custom domain (like @ handle @ example.com)‽

@darnell @irwin

I think there will be a cultural shift or we'll get another Eternal September for Usenet case? Will be interesting to watch. I don't think I'll be federating my instance to start with unless it's clear how/if Tumblr stores posts from me and respects deletes.

I didn't know you can use custom domains with Tumblr, that'd be interesting if custom domains are a thing for Tumblr users.

@darnell @binarytango @irwin

Yep yep -- culture change without doubt

Good question about the handles; I wonder how they'll finesse that?

@clive @binarytango @irwin My guess is that Tumblr will probably use their domain handle first, then allow users to use the custom domain option as part of an upgrade package deal (basically to help keep the lights on).

@darnell @binarytango @irwin

That seems right yes

Given that Mullenweg's team is quite good at UI, this could be a terrific opportunity to see some cool design thinking at work on the task of "smoothing over the interaction points in the fediverse" -- particularly when it comes to intergrating into the fediverse services/objects that were not born *on* the fediverse

@clive @binarytango @irwin I am looking forward to Tumblr joining the Fediverse! Flickr too!

@clive @binarytango @irwin For reference, @d0n (CEO of SmugMug & Flickr) mentioned the company was discussing integration with ActivityPub on the big blue bird site: https://twitter.com/donmacaskill/status/1594945727255699457
Now, I will still use @pixelfed (because it’s awesome!), but having Flickr embrace the Fediverse would be awesome. Maybe SmugMug too!

@darnell @clive @irwin @d0n @pixelfed

Awesome! Good to see that they are looking to support and use open protocols.

I will be using PF too since I think selfhosting and being in control of my data is important, and I'm able to handle the technical aspects. But for the masses to be exposed to these concepts I think is a win for the open internet as a whole.

@darnell @clive @irwin

When did Flickr announce they were joining the Fedi/implementing ActivityPub?

@binarytango @darnell @irwin

I don't think they have yet? I thought we were just wishing 😅

@irwin 👍 I’m hoping WordPress will roll this out, too. If I recall correctly, they’d been working on this not long ago.

@catacosmosis @irwin There's an ActivityPub plugin for WordPress already, although it's still in beta. I'm about to start playing with it.

@mamamusings @catacosmosis Curious to hear how that works. What's the "Inbox" for a WP installation?

@irwin @catacosmosis don’t know yet. Back in the (g)olden days of Movable Type blogs we had “trackbacks,” which appeared in excerpted form in the post comments. That approach would make sense for this as well.


This is *super* interesting, and wow would it be cool if more services followed suit!

@clive @irwin Is there a brief tutorial somewhere on what the fediverse is and what it means?

@daersay @clive

Have you seen this video?

Here's a good interactive "picture" of the Fediverse:

More technically, I think learning about ActivityPub is what's more important, since that's what really is underlying the Fediverse:

@irwin @clive yes, I'm realizing that about ActivityPub, especially with that Tumblr post. I'm slowly learning about all this so thanks for the links. It helps me to explain it to others who know even less. :)

@daersay @clive Actually, if you really want to get into ActivityPub, @darius has a very readable guide to the spec: tinysubversions.com/notes/read

@clive @irwin @daersay also I have several talks available:




More on the "talks" page of my website but those are my three most high-level ones, all touching on different aspects (small communities, the concept of trust, and (social) network topology, respectively)

@darius @clive @daersay

"I don't think you can have norms that work for a billion people."

Great quote. Thank you again, Darius.

@clive @irwin @darius and naturally Darius was writing about this 3 years ago

@irwin @daersay

Yep, I've been thinking I need to dive heavily into the details of activitypub

It looks *damn* interesting and I think I'd dig hacking together some personal tools to use

tumblr, ActivityPub 

@irwin In my opinion, this is a bad thing

On the surface, it means that we can follow each other, interact with each other, everything is great!

But I believe Tumblr policies around porn and others suggest that they won't have a blocklist like most fediverse instances, but an allowlist. With their size, this could create a strong incentive to be "in", causing instances to become mini-Tumblrs, no longer their own place with their own rules

tumblr, ActivityPub 

@irwin I think that it's unlikely Tumblr will leave ActivityPub alone as a standard, and will probably advance it with features that align with corporate expectations and not community ones. Embrace, extend, extinguish all over again.

I believe none of this is a goodwill attempt to bring more interactions to more people. I believe it is Tumblr seeing a desired audience go to the fediverse and coming up with a way to get them over to Tumblr, in time.

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