I'll be resuming the regular publication of on Dec 1.

@jkottke Great to hear! I hope you’ve been enjoying your time away.

@jkottke congrats you for being back & congrats us for having you back!

It’s actually been nice to have random blasts from the past bubble up as a post in the meantime. Will that feature be kept around (for weekends)?

@jkottke fuck yeah the king is back! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on things again at

@mathowie @jkottke it’s too bad not much has happened over the last few months, should be a nice easy transition back in! 😅

@jkottke I don't know what you're talking about, but any reference to Olorin gets a boost.

@jkottke awesome -- I hope the time away was energizing and did what you needed it to do.

@jkottke Fantastic news! Hope the sabbatical was everything you hoped it'd be and way more.

@jkottke best news of my day so far! The internet has been lacking in your absence, important as it was.

@jkottke Hopefully DKIM will pass

I'll show myself out

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