Today I’m doing a fireside chat at the Climate, Art & Digital Activisms event at UniMelb. Really looking forward to being outside my regular zones - - what is the role for cultural institutions?

Episode 84 of my irregular Fresh and New newsletter is sent, mostly to get back in the rhythm of sending those newsletter-y things again. It's not a long one this time because I feel so out of practice. And suddenly it's probably more important! Link in bio yada yada . . .

In Melb on Dec 6? Prof Mark Taylor and I will be chatting about things and also branch out into videogames, film, TV, and the construction of ‘taste’ … even though we’ve made it _free_ but I know that doesn’t fully overcome threshold fear or structural exclusion …

Heading off on a rainy night to see a Melbourne band from my youth that still exists play an album that is almost exactly 30 years old. And the only Australian band, other than Dead Can Dance to (sort of) release on 4AD. It’s probably their best album still - fusion of shoegaze and electronics

As an early adopter of Melbourne’s Nura headphones and their very effective (and amazing for those of us who have hearing damage from too many gigs!) personalized sound profiling - I am very intrigued by this - anyone with AirPods tried it?

Heading into the office far too early to talk, across many timezones, to a class at NYU about all the things

One more day in AKL. Good to catch up with folks here … and privileged to get to witness the repatriation of some objects from the Auckland Museum to their original owners, the Warumungu of the Northern Territory this morning -


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